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Tucson, Arizona - Aztera Holdings, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Brock Technologies, Inc. an innovative unmanned systems design and manufacturing company headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. The owners of both companies approved the acquisition and the new entity, BrockTek, LLC, was established in July.  BrockTek will continue to design, develop, and manufacture the highly specialized autonomous aerial and ground vehicles from the original product portfolio using the existing technical capabilities and engineering expertise for military and defense applications, but will also expand market reach in commercial sectors such as precision agriculture, forestry, security, herd management & tracking, and infrastructure management. 

“The acquisition of Brock Technologies and the formation of BrockTek demonstrates the continued commitment to delivering quality unmanned systems to existing customers, as well as the myriad of new customers to come,” said Manny Teran, President of Aztera Holdings and BrockTek.  “The engineering, technical expertise and craftsmanship will remain a constant – it is the vision of the company that has changed.  BrockTek’s new strategic model and commercial structure in growing markets is what will drive growth and sustainability over the long-term.”

The strategically complementary combination of specialized talent and business acumen from both companies greatly enhances BrockTek’s platform in the unmanned systems industry.  The products have demonstrated their market viability in the military and defense industry for nearly a decade, and will now deliver an even broader portfolio of product applications in rapidly growing civilian marketplaces worldwide.


About BrockTek

BrockTek is an unmanned aerial and ground systems design and manufacturing company located in Tucson, Arizona.  The company provides complete solutions for aerial and ground data gathering, processing, and analysis in order to deliver strategic and actionable information to clients in military and defense, as well as across a variety of civilian sectors.  The BrockTek team is comprised of highly specialized and diverse skillsets in systems design & integration, research & development, composites, custom machining, custom software design, and CAD modeling.  


About Aztera Holdings

Aztera Holdings is the parent company of Aztera, an agile, full-service technology development firm founded in 2010.  Aztera works with multibillion-dollar companies, as well as startup ventures to produce solid engineering designs, proof of concept prototypes, robust test equipment, and market-ready products that meet customers’ exact specifications. From start to finish, Aztera works closely with clients to accelerate the process of moving new technologies from concept to marketplace. Aztera’s philosophy is simple: They make technology work.


About Brock Technologies

Brock Technologies spearheaded the design and development of a broad range of platforms, sensors, custom composites, field support equipment, and custom software for unmanned aerial and ground systems in the government and commercial sectors.  The company was founded in 2006 in Tucson, Arizona by Keith and Jessica Brock, aerospace engineers and graduates of the University of Arizona.  Brock Technologies was acquired in June 2015 and is continuing to provide innovative unmanned solutions under the newly-formed entity, BrockTek.

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